Paediatric ICU

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Happy Family Hospital Hospital is a six-bed unit caring for sick children who need very close observation from doctors, nurses and other members of the PICU team. The ICU is designed, staffed and equipped to deliver advanced and comprehensive care within a child-friendly environment.

The specialized PICU beds have provision for Inclination at various angles to provide comfort and easy access to the Doctor for better maneuverability. Best available Vital signs monitors have been installed in each bed in the PICU. These monitors record heart rate, blood pressure, body temperatures and oxygen levels at various stages of the patient in PICU care.

Micro processor based Infusion Pumps are used to administer precise quantities of fluids and drugs to the patients.

Respiratory support is provided by Siemens 300- A Ventilators which cause minimum trauma to the delicate lungs of the child.

Defibrillator with unique Pediatric and adult pedals is used for the treatment of Ventricular Arrthymias.

Pediatric Intensive Care deals with life threatening illnesses in children which can occur at any given time. It includes a wide array of diseases like status epileptics, status asthmatics, respiratory failure, pneumonia, renal failure, and head injury which require intensive care. We, at The Children’s Hospital Mumbai provide the required treatment based on the individual needs including intensivists, surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, etc. who along with cutting edge technology strive to give you and your family the best you deserve.


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